Ark Atwood Primary Academy is led by our Headteacher, James Evelyn.

At Ark Atwood we believe that in order to ensure all our pupils achieve to the highest level we need to do things differently.


Small schools form the heart of our model

Ark Atwood admits 60 Reception pupils in two forms each year. The school reached its capacity of 420 from Reception to Year 6 plus a 30 place Nursery in 2017.

We believe you can only teach to a high standard if each teacher knows their pupils well. To maintain the feeling of a small school the school is managed as an infant and a junior school. Keeping the school small helps us to create a strong school community where no pupil is left behind.


Depth before breadth – a commitment to literacy and numeracy

All children need a firm mastery of English and mathematics as early as possible. Our first priority is to build a secure foundation in literacy and numeracy as the basis for all other learning. Pupils will be taught to read, write and work with numbers fluently and confidently. Where pupils need extra support it will be provided, to ensure that every child reaches and exceeds nationally expected standards.


More time – a longer school day allows more time for learning

To achieve our goals, we extend learning time. Our pupils benefit from a longer school day, giving them the opportunity to take part in additional learning activities, including musical instrument lessons, art and sports. To provide this extra time for learning the primary school day will run from 8.30am–4.00pm.