Performing arts are at the core of the Ark Atwood community. They are key to our learning and how we have fun. Collective participation in the performing arts builds a sense of community and develops skills in self-expression and performance. Our performing arts programme enables pupils to gain the knowledge and skills to enjoy and develop their interests. The primary programme focuses on dance, drama, singing and on instruments which are taught and played in groups. Our aim is for every pupil to play an instrument and sing confidently. To this end our school offers the following extra-curricular performing opportunities:


·         Street dance

·         Ballet

·         Recorder

·         Flute

·         Clarinet

·         Guitar

·         Violin

·         Ignite Choir (years 5 and 6)

·         One Voice

·         ASPIRE

·         Debate


All classes perform a class assembly one each year; the Year 6 put on a full production at the end of the year. This is usually held at a local secondary school.