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If your child is at ARK Atwood, then you are part of Friends of ARK Atwood – which was set up to achieve the following main aims:

1) To promote a cohesive school community and to ensure that all children and their families can play a part in the wider school community.

2) To fundraise for the school to help it achieve its aims for each child.


With these 2 aims in mind, FofAA organises both purely Social events but also Fundraising ones (please see below)



The FofAA Committee is elected at the end of every school year. It maps out the regular events in the Atwood calendar, and finds volunteers to plan, organise and help run them. Sometimes the Committee members are in charge of individual events, but it is by no means a requirement.

Chair: Leanne (Ali – Italy)

Treasurer: Iman (Alya – Italy)

Secretary: Rita (Aleem-Opurbo – Brazil)


To support the Comittee in their work, Class Reps ensure good communication with the parents and teachers of their class.

Key responsibilities include:

  • provide feedback and ideas from their class to the FofAA Committee
  • organise collections for teachers’ presents (Christmas and End-of-Year)
  • arrange social events for their class (optional)
  • help out at and recruit volunteers for FofAA events

This year’s Class Reps are:

India: Emma (Eddie)

Mexico: Adeline (Leon) & Chiara (Maya)

France: Afia (Ridhwan) & Sara (Joel)

Italy: Maria (Sophia) & Leanne (Ali)

China: Ana Sofia (Maia) & Tania (Mateo)

Barbados: Suruchi (Kabir)

Norway:please get in touch, as we don't have a Class Rep for this class

Belgium: Gemma (Lily)

Ghana: Anne-Sophie (Constance)

Brazil: Rita (Aleem-Opurbo)



All meetings are on Tuesdays and take place at 8.30 am in the School Studio with the aim of being finished by 9.30am. All parents and carers are invited to attend, whether or not they have ever been to one before. We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Tuesday 7 June 2016


We fully understand that it is difficult for some people to get to meetings but please don’t feel that you are therefore excluded from joining in with FofAA activities or simply from making suggestions. We are always delighted to see you or hear from you and we welcome your ideas. Meetings are generally held on weekday mornings after drop-off, but if there is enough demand, they can be held in the evenings as well



Following is a link to a pdf of minutes for each of our meetings that has already taken place for the 2015-2016 academic year.

8 September 2015: Meeting Minutes FofAA Meeting 8 Sep 2015


Below are the regular events in the Atwood calendar; more can (and probably will) be added throughout the year.


Many of our events are purely social – simply there so Atwood families can come and have fun.

The names in ( …) are the contact people and the name(s) of their child(ren)

Weekly coffee mornings on Tuesdays, sometimes with free taster sessions from local businesses (please get in touch if you would like to provide a taster session)

Welcome tea for new parents: Saturday 12 September

Eid el Adha: Friday 25 September (Iman – Alya ; Bouchra – Adam)

Book Club: next meeting on Thursday 1 October at 6:30 pm in the Studio (Sara - Milo & Joel)

International food-tasting event: Friday 20 November (Tania – Mateo; Patti – Zach & Rosabella)



There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in the variety of fundraising activities scheduled for the rest of the 2015-16 academic year – many of which have a fun, social aspect as well.

MacMillan Coffee Morning: Tuesday 22 September (Patti – Zach & Rosabella)

Great Atwood Bake Off: each year group takes turns baking and selling cakes to the rest of the school at the end of each term. The Year Group having raised the most will become Great Atwood Bake Off (GABO) Champions

  • Friday 23 October: Y4 Halloween Great Atwood Bake Off (Class Reps)
  • Friday 11 December: Y3 X-mas Great Atwood Bake Off (Class Reps)
  • Wednesday 10 February: Y2 Valentine Great Atwood Bake Off (Class Reps)
  • Wednesday 23 March: Y1 Easter Great Atwood Bake Off (Class Reps)
  • Friday 27 May: Reception Spring Great Atwood Bake Off (Class Reps)
  • Friday 15 July: Nursery Summer Great Atwood Bake Off (Class Reps)

Christmas Market: Saturday 5 December 2015 (Anne-Sophie – Constance)

International Women’s Day fundraising for a Women’s charity (Sylvia – Molly & Grace)

Summer Fair: Saturday 21 May 2016

Sponsored Fun Run: Friday 17 June (Tania – Mateo; Shannon – Camille; Jo – Lily)


2nd hand Uniform Sale



We are delighted that over the first 4 years we have raised just over £28,000 and have contributed towards buying musical instruments, a traversing wall for the playground, salsa costumes, play equipment, a school library from which children are happily borrowing books and helping towards the School Hardship Fund.

Our Tree of Giving shows how much we have raised so far. We aim to raise £13,000 for the 2015-16 academic year.


       <TO BE UPDATED>


Target: £13,000

Achieved: £0 as of 15 September 2015


We always need help at before, during and after events, and it’s easier to call on volunteers if we have a list of what people are interested in helping with.

Below is a short questionnaire which helps us keep in touch with parents and carers, and allows them to register their willingness to volunteer. Please fill it in and bring back to the school office, or send to

FofAA 2015-16 Parent Carer Questionnaire

The various supporting roles are:

  • FofAA Publicists – help with publicity, events, flyers, posters, photographers, film-makers and social media experts
  • FofAA Chefs and Bakers: particularly for Christmas and Summer Fairs, but also for Cake Sales (1 Cake Sale per Year Group per school year), School Disco, etc.
  • FofAA Fair helpers: School Fairs – if you can help run a stall, or have great fresh ideas for new or previous stalls you have run, setting up and cleaning up (so welcome!), cook our barbecue, help serve drinks, food
  • FofAA Socialisers: helping welcome new parents, be present at coffee mornings
  • FofAA Hoarders: if you can help run the Jumble  and  Vintage Sales, source prizes for tombolas and raffles



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