Payment Payment for school lunches must be paid weekly or monthly in advance.

The office team send out lunch statements and these should be paid either by cash to the office or via WisePay.


Lunch Choices Children from Year 3 to Year 6 may have a packed lunch from home. The office must be informed of this choice. If your child does have a packed lunch, they cannot then make changes on a day by day basis. This is to allow for the kitchen to have accurate information when placing orders.


If you have any questions regarding this change, please speak to the school office or the Headteacher.


School Lunch Menu

Sept - Oct 19.pdf

(d) diary  (f) fish  (e) egg  (v) vegan  (gf) gluten free  (wf) wheat free

School lunches can be paid for either through Wisepay or at the school office.

Please note the school office does not have a debit card facility, therefore can only take cash or cheque.


Cost of lunches

£2.30 per day (£11.50 per week)

Time period Cost No of Days
4 September 2019 - 18 October 2019 £73.60 32 school days
28 October 2019 - 19 December 2019 £87.40 38 school days
8 January 2020 - 14 February 2020 £62.10 27 school days
24 February 2020 - 3 April 2020 £69 30 school days
20 April 2020 - 22 May 2020 £52.90 23 school days
1 June 2020 - 21 July 2020 £80.50 35 school days