Winter Fair 2016

The winter fair is now booked and we are working hard to arrange this event so it is fun for everyone! This year we are changing the format as a trial. The fair will be from 4pm – 6pm after school on the 16th and be held on the downstairs floor of the school. The key points of contact for this are Fiona (Sholto Y2 & Esmeralda YR) and Bouchra (Adam R’s mum Y4). Miss Baxter will be the key point of contact in school. 

If you feel you would like to help with a stall please speak to Fiona 

If you feel you could help with the food and drink café which will be in the Studio – please speak to Bouchera (catch on the playground at school pick up time) 

Any other queries – speak to Miss Baxter! 

We are hoping that Team Atwood will pull together and everyone who can, will do a little bit to make this brilliant! 

Thanks in advance!