Every child is an artist and their experiences must extend to the full variety of art forms. The great artists of the last century alongside links to our topic and literacy curricula will provide a rounded art experience.

What is our approach to Art?

We want to develop a mindset where children are prepared to have a go at different skills. Children have the experience of practicing different art forms with mixed media. For the most part, units link with Topic and Literacy learning to provide a context; skills become more sophisticated and meaningful as they move through the school. We also want children to learn more about the great artists, the classics (Monet) and the contemporaries (Dali, Warhol and Picasso) in the understanding that there are no rules when it comes to Art. WAGOLLs at the start exemplify what children are working towards.

What does our approach to Art look like in the classroom?

Sessions start with a revisit of previous learning. Sketch books act as an artistic diary showing skill development over time. Children are able to convey their learning over time and make links to related topics

How do we measure success in Art?

A desire to take their artistic experience beyond school. Artistic displays round the school showcase children’s work and their end pieces relate to the WAGOLL at the unit outset