At Ark Atwood, we follow a mastery approach to teaching mathematics with all year groups following the Mathematics Mastery programme. Our curriculum is cumulative with the most fundamental concepts (such as place value) being taught at the beginning of each year. With fundamental skills and knowledge secured first, we can then use connections to build mathematical fluency and conceptual understanding throughout the school year. This approach means that curriculum content is taught in considerable depth from an early stage.


To build this depth of understanding, we place problem-solving at the heart of our maths curriculum. Pupils are given every opportunity to explore the maths they are learning and are empowered to seek solutions, make new discoveries and reason about their findings.


Using mathematical language is crucial to developing mathematical thinking and deepening conceptual understanding. Throughout the school, our maths classrooms are language rich with an emphasis given to communication in the following ways:


·         Key vocabulary is shared at the beginning of every lesson and referred to throughout

·         Clear sentence structures are modelled and pupils are expected to respond using full sentences

·         Talk Task activities are planned to allow pupils the opportunity to discuss their thinking

·         Questions are carefully planned for the key points in lessons and are targeted to particular children


The Mathematics Mastery programme follows the National Curriculum for Mathematics. The Programmes of Study show what content is taught and when.

Reception Maths Curriculum Map.pdf

Year 1 Maths Curriculum Map.pdf

Year 2 Maths Curriculum Map.pdf

Year 3 Maths Curriculum Map.pdf

Year 4 Maths Curriculum Map.pdf

Year 5 Maths Curriculum Map.pdf

Year 6 Maths Curriculum Map.pdf


Written and Mental calculation strategies also develop year on year. The Calculation Strategies are set out in the policies below.

Maths Mastery Calculations Policy KS1.pdf

Ark KS2 Calculations Policy.pdf