Children at Atwood have access to a broad Music curriculum to foster a love and enjoyment from musical activities. We give children exposure to different musical experiences so that they can find their own musical expertise.

What is our approach to Music?

The Music Curriculum Map sets out provision for each year group. A sequential vocal curriculum runs from Nursery to Year Two. In Key Stage Two, the focus turns to instrumental and ensemble skills. In line with our local context, all children get the opportunity to play an instrument regardless of background

Singing assemblies take place weekly for each children. Peripatetic teachers offer dedicated group lessons in specific instruments. Concerts are held in July to showcase learning and progress over the year. One Voice and Ignite choirs are made up of KS2 children who rehearse and perform through the year.

External providers (eg Rhythm Studio) provide access to popular music experience through technology. The Ark Music Programme provides support and training for teachers.

What does our approach to Music look like in the classroom?

Dedicated, timetabled Music sessions with children having an exposure to a wide variety of instruments across the school. Children’s understanding of rhythm and pitch is a focus and improvement can be seen over time. Vocal programme builds on prior learning leading to a creative composition

How do we measure success in Music?

High quality end of year performances showcase the skills children have developed during the term.

Curriculum Map Music 2019-20.pdf