Sport at Atwood encourages physical activity and sports participation for all children with the intention of not only developing skills but fostering a love of sport. Teamwork, competing fairly and enjoyment are also prioritised as transferable skills to take into other aspects of learning.

What is our approach to Sport?

Units are scheduled to focus on one sport per half term (in line with competition schedules) to ensure that children are developing skills across a range of sports. Within this, children are working towards developing their tactical awareness in a variety of sports and their capacity to work well within a team. This approach also includes a desire to improve physical capabilities such as balance, coordination, agility, speed and strength. Lessons are sequenced so that children build upon previous lessons as they increase in complexity/developing knowledge or rules.

In addition to PE sessions, we also source external expertise to ensure that our sport offer is not limited to the skillset of staff. Additional sport includes swimming, dance and karate. We also participate in local leagues and Ark network tournaments. To ensure that the size of our site doesn’t limit our offer, we make use of a local pitch and Westminster Academy resources.

What does our approach to Sport look like?

Lessons are fun and engaging with children having plenty of opportunity for independent practice of the skills they are learning. Start and end of unit assessments provide an opportunity to gauge progress. As children progress through a unit, they have the opportunity to use their skills. Children are required to demonstrate the skills that have been taught during the previous weeks so that refinements can be made and teaching builds on what has gone before.

How do we measure success in Sport?

All units work towards an end of unit assessment where children demonstrate their skills during a match or, in the case of sports like dance or gymnastics, a routine. Floorbooks, as with other subjects showcase the skills being taught and provide exemplification of skills mastered. Being as active as possible is the ultimate measure of our success.

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