PSHE in Ark Atwood focuses upon how to develop our student's positive mental health and well-being. We build and develop our understanding of how to be socially and emotionally healthy learners, with a toolkit of strategies to self-regulate and successfully manage our emotions.

We are implementing the Zones of Regulation across the school as a method to empower our students to respond to situations in a responsible and appropriate way.

The PSHE curriculum focuses upon three core themes : health and well-being, relationships and living in the wider world. Our framework plots teaching points across all the Key Stages, building upon prior knowledge. It teaches tolerance and respect for others; how to make healthy choices for your body and mind; celebrates the diversity of our school community; integrates understanding and promotion of fundamental British Values; and supports students in their resilience to adversity.

Our aim is to foster social responsibility and raise pupil's awareness of current issues: for example climate change; the influence of social media; online safety; substance misuse and SRE. This is always age appropriate and suited to what students require to understand how to be healthy, happy and safe.

In class, Mindfulness is regularly practised as a way to support focus and calm. Peers discuss and resolve difficulties with restorative conversations. Circle times provide a forum for adult guided discussions. We track student progress with well-being surveys and our Graduated Response Charts, identifying needs and reviewing provision each half term.

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