At Ark Atwood we use the Read Write Inc programme to deliver the highest quality phonics lesson with the aim of all children being able to read by the age of 6. All children learn the 44 sounds and are able to read, write and blend them so that they have the toolkit to decode words successfully with understanding.

What is our approach to Phonics?

The RWI programme maps out a series of steps through a range of sounds as detailed below:

  • YR single letters > blending
  • diagraphs, trigraphs, split diagraphs
  • Knowing all alternative graphemes
  • Fluency and comprehension

Assessments take place on a half termly basis and include gap analysis checks. Children are divided into ability based groups; complex speed sounds charts are in all phonics rooms. 1:1 tutoring is in place for those who need more support.

What does our approach to Phonics look like in the classroom?

Engaging, routines based, learning for children where they can see their own progress

Groups are fluid with composition changing based on ongoing observation and half termly assessments.

Misconceptions are addressed through the marking policy. Texts increase in difficulty as children move through the programme.

How do we measure success in Phonics?

Outcomes in the Phonics Screening Check are consistently well above the national average even with high SEN cohorts (2019). Children perform strongly in Y2 Reading assessments.



Further information can be found here RWISessionForParents_1 (2).pdf