We follow the Empiribox programme at Ark Atwood. This is because we place particular importance on the hands-on and practical aspect of conducting experiments in to ensure children develop their own sense of curiosity and build a sense of wonder towards the natural world. We ensure children are challenged with ideas that extend beyond the National Curriculum by combining teacher-led demonstrations with experiments children can conduct independently. Children develop their scientific skills by asking questions, developing hypotheses and observing phenomena within a context that feels purposeful, exciting and inspiring. We encourage children to share their misconceptions and provide them with the opportunity to correct themselves through discovery, rather than providing all the answers.


Each term the whole school focuses on a strand of science and particular skillset. We are explicit about these different areas of learning and children are aware of their learning journey over the year.


·         Autumn - Physics


Planning: asking questions, hypothesizing


·         Spring – Chemistry


Conducting: observing, measuring, recording


·         Summer – Biology


Evaluation: classifying, presenting, concluding, writing


We present our ideas in innovative ways and encourage children to share their learning creatively. We are currently piloting ‘Floor Books’ to showcase the practical components we have been completing. By the end of each Key Stage, children are equipped with a foundation of skills that supports them to enter the next phase of their learning and an enthusiasm for discovery.

Science Curriculum long term plan

Ark Atwood Empiribox 4-Year Plan.pdf