Extra-curricular activities

We want our pupils to enjoy a rich and varied school life and that includes a wide choice of stimulating extra-curricular activities. There will be clubs and societies, school plays and performances, sports clubs, opportunities to learn additional languages and opportunities to start or join clubs like chess or other games as demand rises. In addition to the regular external visits there will be joint activities and competitions with other schools in the area and across London.

School Clubs

Our school clubs offer is announced termly. Children can sign-up through the school office. Previous choices have included:

  • Drama
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Art
  • Chess
  • Streetdance
  • Ballet
  • Kind Kids
  • Knitting
  • Running

For the curent clubs on offer, please contact the school office.

Music Tuition

We want our pupils to have the chance to learn a musical instrument while attending Ark Atwood. Currently our pupils have the chance to learn violin and woodwind. Please see the 'Performing Arts' page for more details.

School Trips

At Ark Atwood we believe that our pupils should benefit from visiting places of interest. These experiences will broaden pupils’ horizons and deepen their learning. We will endeavour to take regular trips to London museums, galleries, theatres and parks. These will happen in school time. All the trips will be subsidised by the school, but we will ask parents for a contribution towards the cost where necessary. We would not want cost to be a reason for pupils to miss out, so if parents are unable to make a contribution they should discuss this with the school.


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