Home Learning

At Ark Atwood Primary Academy we aim to ACHIEVE SUCCESS. We set challenging targets for our pupils and support them in achieving their goals. We ensure that our practice and the provision we offer is based on the latest educational research and the experience and achievements of other Ark primary schools.

We expect all children to work hard throughout the school day and therefore their time outside school should principally be for extra-curricular activities, rest and relaxation. Equally valuable is family time spent at home, playing, talking, reading and seeing friends.

We also believe that a carefully balanced home learning programme is beneficial for children for the following reasons:

- To give parents opportunities to be directly involved in their child’s learning

- To reinforce the partnership between home and school

- To consolidate skills learnt in school and give opportunities to extend learning

Click on the link below to read our Home Learning Policy

Home Learning Policy (May 2021).pdf


Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy is an Ark Schools network wide initiative to support children in Year 4 upwards with accessing ongoing learning away from school. This is achieved through the loan of a device for their final three years at primary school.

This device is not for school use or for entertainment; it is a device specifically provided for learning at home. As well as being used for practice and skills development, it will enable learning to continue in the event of further disruption for whatever reason. The Home Learning policy (link above) sets out how this links to the Digital Strategy.

Parents are required to sign a Home School Agreement and children receive a Digital Passport setting how they use the device along with their usernames and passwords.

Ark Atwood Digital Passport.pdf

Home School Agreement.pdf

Ark Schools - Introduction to Digital Strategy.pdf

Digital Strategy Parent Session (September 2022).pdf

Safeguarding Information for Parents.pdf

SPArky User Guide.pdf