As well as having high academic expectations for our pupils and wanting them to develop, through our ASPIRE Values, as strong characters, we also recognise our role in giving them experiences that will help shape their understanding, appreciation and view of the world.

The Ark Primary Connections programme sets out a series of experiences that all children, from Reception to Year Six, will take part in. These break down into six 'essential' experiences alongside possible 'bonus' experiences. These opportunities are in addition to existing trips and the annual Year 6 residential.

The experiences break down into six core areas:

  • Connecting with Nature - Environmental Awareness
  • Connecting with People & Places - Citizenship and Community
  • Connecting with Self - Wellbeing and Personal Growth
  • Connecting with Your Future - Enterprise and Careers
  • Connecting with Culture and the Arts - Presentation, Performance & the Arts
  • Connecting with Adventure - Adventure, Challenge & Competition

For the children, the Ark Primary Connections Programme is exemplified through a Pupil Passport setting out this entitlement with children collecting stickers for their passport as the experiences are completed.