Our approach to pupil voice has three objectives:

  1. To ensure that children have their say in how the school is run
  2. To provide the opportunity for children to hold positions of responsibility and to ensure impact
  3. To give children experience of applying for roles and being interviewed [Linking to the Careers component of the PSHE curriculum]

There are three layers to Pupil Voice: Class Ambassadors, House Captains and Prefects.

Class Ambassadors Both classes in all year groups from Reception to Year Five appoint two ambassadors each. These ambassadors have two roles: (i) to represent the class to external visitors by welcoming to the class when they arrive. They should introduce themselves to the visitor and describe what they are learning at that time. Class ambassadors are elected by the class. (ii) they attend the fortnightly School Council meeting where they feedback to the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher on any specific class issues and discuss wider issues the School Council may be working on.

House Captains Every child and adult is a member of one of the six ASPIRE houses. Children in Year Six are invited to apply for this position of House Captain by making a pitch to the house members who then vote for the candidate they want to lead the house. House Captains represent their Houses at school events and to visitors. They add up and announce the house points for their house on a weekly basis; they will also lead and update members of their house at meetings.

School Prefects Children in Year Six are invited to apply to be School Prefects. Applications are in the form of a letter to the Headteacher followed by an interview. From September 2021, each prefect will have a specific area of responsibility. Children can therefore apply for the area of interest to them. The areas are: (i) Behaviour (ii) Environment (iii) Arts (iv) Inclusion (v) Learning (vi) Leadership. Each role is linked to a senior leader who will meet with the prefect every three weeks. All prefects also meet with the Headteacher every three weeks.

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