The Covid requriements have been significantly reduced meaning that many of the systems we put in place have been scaled back. A Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan have been completed.


Start and End of Day

Start of day is broadly normal along the lines listed below. Parents are welcome to come into the building. However, if parents want to speak to the office team, they should enter through the main entrance rather than going through the school.

Start of Day Timings

8.25am: Gates Open

8.40am: Gates Close

Children enter through the following entrance:

Main Stairs: Year 1 and Year 6

Nursery Gate: Reception

Yellow Stairs: Year 3 and Year 4

Back Stairs: Year 2 and Year 5


8.40am: Nursery (children enter through the main entrance)


End of Day Timings

To ensure safe collection and avoid crowded corridors in the building, we are keeping our staggered end of day. (This decision will be continually reviewed). Timings as follows:

End of Day Year Group Time
Front Entrance Nursery 3.15
Front Entrance Reception 3.20
Front Entrance Year One 3.35
Front Entrance Year Four 3.40
Front Entrance Year Six 3.45
Back Gate Year Two 3.35
Back Gate Year Three 3.40
Back Gate Year Five 3.45


Hygience, Distancing & PPE

Frequent handwashing takes place throughout the day including when children arrive on site and before lunch. High touch surfaces are cleaned by the Premises Team through the day.



School lunches have returned to normal but with gaps between sittings so that surfaces can be wiped down. Children have lunch in year groups.



Any changes to our COVID arrangements will be communicated via Parent Mail and our weekly newsletter. Parents with questions should speak to a school leader on the gate or make an appointment with the Headteacher through the office.