Whilst the COVID requirements remain in place, we have made a number of changes to how the school day runs. Key changes are as follows:


Start and End of Day

We are running a staggered start and end of day to ensure the integrity of the bubble system remains. Parents should line up at the time and location specified below. We ask that parents wear a face covering and distance appropriately when lining up.

Start of Day Year Group Time
Back Gate Years 3 & 4 8.30 - 8.40
Back Gate Years 1 & 2 8.40 - 8.50
Back Gate Reception 8.50
Front Entrance Years 5 & 6 8.30 - 8.40
Front Entrance Nursery 8.50


End of Day Year Group Time
Front Entrance Nursery 3.15
Front Entrance Reception 3.20
Front Entrance Year Five 3.40
Front Entrance Year Six 3.45
Back Gate Year Four 3.30
Back Gate Year Three 3.35
Back Gate Year Two 3.40
Back Gate Year One 3.45


Hygience, Distancing & PPE

Frequent handwashing takes place throughout the day including when children arrive on site and before lunch. Under the bubble system that we are using, staff are allocated to a specific bubble and do not mix with adults in other year groups. Adults and children may wear a face covering if they so choose. PPE is mandatory in school where it is used in normal circumstances. This includes when intimate care is given. Lunchtime staff wear face coverings at all times.



School lunches have returned to normal but with gaps between sittings so that surfaces can be wiped down. Children have lunch in year groups.



Any changes to our COVID arrangements will be communicated via Parent Mail and our weekly newsletter. Parents with questions should speak to a school leader on the gate or make an appointment with the Headteacher through the office.


Local/Bubble Lockdowns

In the event of lockdown or bubble isolation, we will move to our remote learning provision. Our approach, broken down by each phase, is set out under the 'Remote Learning' tab.