Curriculum Aims

Curriculum Vision & Principles

Our curriculum vision is centred around our school values and is for our children to ASPIRE to achieve success.

We believe that the curriculum and the school are inextricably linked. The curriculum is the product of the expertise of our staff and, where appropriate, high quality published programmes; it is built on a deep understanding of the children and the community we serve; a desire to spark wonder and instil a love of learning; and is structured to ensure that children leave our school with the skills and knowledge needed for the next stage of their education.

Children develop a defined bank of knowledge across multiple areas with connections made to earlier learning to deepen understanding. These build towards a specific endpoint where children demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired. We also believe that our curriculum must extend beyond ‘traditional’ subjects and include opportunities for enrichment, sport, performance and an understanding of our local area.

The ‘Aspire’ values, a strong commitment to PSHE, wellbeing, diversity and tolerance ensure that personal development is at the heart of the curriculum. Success must be measured by the extent to which our children demonstrate our values alongside their knowledge acquisition, skillset, assessment performance and readiness for the next stage in their journey as responsible, global citizens and community champions.

As we continue the ongoing curriculum development work, we have been guided by eight principles:

  • Curriculum is built from within
  • It is based on our knowledge of every child
  • The curriculum ensures a rich and broad offer for our children
  • Provides pupils with a deeper understanding of their local area
  • It encompasses the Atwood ‘Aspire’ values
  • It is structured to ensure connections are made, where appropriate, between different topics
  • It sets children up for success at secondary school and beyond
  • It provides opportunities for enrichment and extra curriculum learning