Early Years

During any period of school disruption, where whole year groups are required to isolate, we will switch to the Seesaw learning platform. Our aim is to ensure that, as far as possible, learning can continue using teaching structures that are familiar to the children.

This page sets out how we are aiming to continue delivering a broad curriculum using language and structures that the children are familiar with.

Learning will be uploaded onto the platform by 9am daily with provision meeting these minimum guidelines. Pupils will receive feedback on each piece of work they submit (this can take the form of a 'like', a comment, a video or a voice note.)

Subject Seesaw Lesson Outline
Morning Greeting  

(5 times weekly)

  • Filmed by Class Teacher
  • 'Hello' song
Wake and Shake  

(5 times weekly)

  • Video link to 'Go Noodle'
  • Responses filmed and uploaded
Write your Name  

(5 times weekly)

  • Teacher Input
  • Pupil Task

(Video model of teacher input.)

Maths Meetings  

(5 weekly sessions)

  • Teacher Input
  • Pupil Task

(Link to online task practising the skills.)


(5 weekly sessions)

  • Speed Sounds
  • Writing
  • Spellings
  • Reading

Children remain in existing groups. Each adult is responsible for uploading this for their Phonics group each day.

Class Book  

(5 weekly sessions)

  • Video of teacher reading text for the day

(Might be whole book or extract from the book.)


(5 weekly sessions)

  • Teacher Input
  • Pupil Task

(Pupils annotate on Seesaw.)

Handwriting & Fine Motor Skills  

(5 weekly sessions)

  • Teacher Input
  • Pupil Task

(5 weekly sessions)

  • Do Now/Memory Workout
  • Teacher Input
  • Independent Task
  • Depth Task

(Exposition filmed by teacher.)


(2 weekly sessions)

  • Physcial Activity

(Linked to online content eg Cosmic Yoga)

PM Recommended Activities
  • Consolidation activities from morning work
  • Activities that address other areas of learning (PSED, CLL, KUW, ExAD & PD)
  • Class Check In
  • Teacher Input (based on specific PSED topic)

This will be in small groups in the form of a 15 minute Zoom call. Link will be sent to parents.