At Ark Atwood Primary Academy we work hard to ensure we provide for all pupils irrespective of their needs. We know that students may need different or additional support at specific times during their time in our school to be successful. We are committed to providing appropriate, targeted support to all students, which is planned and delivered to the highest standard by all teaching and support staff.

Inclusion is everybody’s responsibility and a whole-school approach. It is therefore an integral part of our teaching practice. Support is available for all students, regardless of ability, whether there are challenges to overcome or new ones to seek out.

Our school SENCO, Joseph Townsend, works closely with all teachers to identify needs early and assess which interventions or specialist support is required. We monitor progress following the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ model to ensure support is appropriately pitched, targeted and personalised.

We know that support must be holistic and focus upon the whole child. This means that alongside academic intervention and support, we also focus upon social and emotional skills (particularly emotional regulation), growth mindset and self-esteem, life skills (such as self-organisation and time management) and well-being (physical and mental). We aim to model reflective practice which is not simply reactive but pro-active to anticipate and plan for support ahead of challenges to come.

Our Curriculum is challenging and has high aspirations for all students. Teachers differentiate to adapt resources and outcomes to suit the learning level of individual students. This may mean that students are working on targets that are Pre-key stage or different to their peers, however they receive the same high-quality teaching input from their class teacher, it is the expected outcome that is adapted – for example the end result of a task may take a different form.

We aim to ensure that where possible, through targeted intervention the learning gap between peers progressively closes to raise attainment and accelerate progress. We track this through our Graduated Response Charts, data drop assessment points and tracking progress through SEND books to record evidence linked to outcomes.

In the documnent, 'SEN adaptations to our Curriculum', you can see how we support all students through three waves of Provision: Wave 1 is in class teaching and strategies, Wave 2 targeted intervention by class teams and Wave 3 specialist support from outside agencies. Please bear in mind, support is not limited to the adaptations listed below however this provides an overview of the essential elements which are present in every year group, across the school.


Accessibility Plan.pdf


ARK policy for supporting pupils with medical conditions.pdf

EAL policy (July 2019).pdf

Equality Objectives (2021-25).pdf

Intimate Care Policy.pdf

SEN Policy.pdf

  Exclusions Policy.pdf

SEN Adaptations to our Curriculum.pdf