ARK Atwood Primary Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of its pupils. Each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. We recognise that some children may be especially vulnerable to abuse. We recognise that children who are abused or neglected may find it difficult to develop a sense of self worth and to view the world in a positive way. Whilst at school, their behaviour may be challenging. We recognise that some children who have experienced abuse may harm others. We will always take a considered and sensitive approach in order that we can support all of our pupils.

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Laura Thomson ( / 020 7266 7070)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Joseph Townsend (  / 020 7266 7070)

Keeping Children Safe in Education (January 2021 Update): 


Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2020-21 (with links) FINAL.pdf

COVID-19 Addendum for Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy April 2020.pdf

Positive Mental Health Policy Ark Atwood Academy.pdf

Procedure for managing allegations of abuse against staff.pdf

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Download our anti bullying charter.

Download our anti bullying policy.

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