We have been supported by the Health Education Partnerhip in developing our approach to RSE and use resources developed by the Christopher Winter Project.

Relationships and Sex Education forms the final part of our PSHE curriculum and is taught during the second half of the summer term. Our Relationships and Health Education Policy is below. This policy also covers the Statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

Alongside sharing the policy with parents and staff, we also run a Parents Meeting ahead of the delivery of this aspect of the curriculum so parents are aware of what their child will be taught, can ask questions and know what they are permitted to opt their children out of. 

Relationships & Health Education Policy.pdf

RSE Parents Meeting (May 2022).pdf


Each year group from Reception to Year Six follow a scheme of work. See below:

Reception Scheme of Work.pdf

Year 1 Scheme of Work.pdf

Year 2 Scheme of Work.pdf

Year 3 Scheme of Work.pdf

Year 4 Scheme of Work.pdf

Year 5 Scheme of Work.pdf

Year 6 Scheme of Work.pdf


We also recognise the safeguarding dimension of this area. This includes the need for children to develop healthy relationships both online and offline. Assemblies are run to promote staying safe online; there is also content dedicated to this as part of our Purple Mash Computing Curriculum. Annual and bespoke Safeguarding training ensure that staff are vigilant in identifying concerns. Concerns, when they arise, are logged on EdAware and followed up by the Designated Safeguarding Lead.