Outline curriculum for Years 1-2

Year R

Our Lives

Lesson 1: Our Day

Lesson 2: Keeping Ourselves Clean

Lesson 3: Families


Year 1

Growing and Caring for Ourselves

Lesson 1: Keeping Clean

Lesson 2: Growing and Changing

Lesson 3: Families and Care


Year 2


Lesson 1: Differences: Boys and Girls

Lesson 2: Differences: Male and Female

Lesson 3: Naming the Body Parts

As you can see from the table above, the lessons are very ‘low key’ at this stage of a child’s education.  We do not use the term ‘Sex Education’ with children but instead refer to it as ‘Personal, Social and Health Education’.


Year 3

Valuing Difference and Keeping Safe

Lesson 1: Differences: male and Female

Lesson 2: Personal Space

Lesson 3: Family Differences



Year 4

Growing Up

Lesson 1: Growing and Changing

Lesson 2: What is Puberty?

Lesson 3: Puberty Changes and Reproduction*

* In Year 4 pupils learn that humans can reproduce.  They learn that females produce eggs and males produce sperm.  At this stage, pupils are not taught about the process of sexual reproduction.  This will be covered as part of the Year 6 curriculum.



Year 5


Lesson 1: Talking about Puberty

Lesson 2: Male and Female Changes

Lesson 3: Puberty and Hygiene



Year 6

Puberty, Relationships and Reproduction

Lesson 1: Puberty and Reproduction

Lesson 2: Understanding Relationships

Lesson 3: Conception and Pregnancy

Lesson 4: Communication in Relationships


Download our Sex and Relationships Education Policy here