Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic is with us, we recognise that there might be disruption to normal school life with individual children, classes and year groups possibly required to self-isolate at home at different points. This has the potential to disrupt children’s learning significantly and it is therefore crucial that we ensure that learning can continue remotely.

As a school team, we have thought carefully about how we want to approach remote learning in the event of ongoing disruption. To this end, we will be using the See Saw platform to facilitate our remote learning model. This is an online platform that is used in many schools to support remote learning and will enable us to:

  • Provide learning in a similar format to normal including recorded teaching input
  • Provide feedback on learning both individually and to the whole class
  • Meet with the whole class

The platform can be accessed both on laptops/tablets and also on a mobile phone meaning that any potential issues around remote access should hopefully be reduced. Additionally, in line with the Ark Schools Digital Strategy, all children in years three to six have a school device to use at home. Children will also be given an exercise book so that they can still record their work on paper.

Children have been using the software during Computing sessions at school so that they are familiar with the software in the event of them being required to learn at home.